WAVZ Upgrades Egypt Trust Call Center Operations to Provide World-Class Service.

Unlocking Excellence- Egypt Trust's New Call Center Partnership With Wavz

[Cairo, Egypt] – (1st of April) – Egypt Trust announces the launch of their new “Egypt Trust Call Center”, which will be operated by WAVZ for Digital Transformation to serve more customers, more efficiently.

“By Providing Digital Signature Certificates, Egypt Trust is able to support automating government services and making them available electronically to the Egyptian society.One of our key objectives is to be able to serve our customers more efficiently and help them resolve any issues that they might have in the smoothest and most satisfactory manner. Hence, the need to partner with a reliable and efficient service provider like WAVZ”

Said Mohamed Kiwan, CEO of Egypt Trust.

The last few years witnessed an exponential growth in Egypt Trust’s corporate customer base, which led to establishing the Egypt Trust Call Center to be able to respond to customer inquiries and provide reliable information when needed over the clock. After one year of its operation, seeking better and more efficient customer service, Egypt Trust decided to outsource their Call Center operation so that they can focus on their core business.

Egypt Trust Call Center Project Details

After careful consideration, Egypt Trust decided to partner with WAVZ for Digital Transformation to provide the Egypt Trust Call Center a complete Outsourced solution including Experienced Resources, Technology, and Operational Processes enhancements for a distinguished customer experience.

During that process, WAVZ along with Egypt Trust have adopted best practice applications to produce a Service Catalog that will not only help overcome the challenges experienced in the current setup, but more importantly to enhance the customer experience and meet the customer’s ever growing expectations. Seeking a smooth transition, WAVZ has worked with Egypt Trust to make sure the project is executed in the shortest time possible without jeopardizing the enhancements needed to improve the internal processes and the customer experience.

The transition was executed in a record time of less than four weeks to make the new Call Center up and running. Making sure that they have the right calibers, providing the needed training, and on-boarding processes has helped Egypt Trust in ramping up the resources needed for the future needs in record times.

The solution has also helped Egypt Trust to adopt the best practices and cost-effective models security protocols and to ensure the Call Center Operational Excellence.

The Call Center will be staffed with highly skilled agents who have been trained to provide outstanding customer service.

“WAVZ for Digital Transformation is confident that this collaboration will lead to growth and success for both companies. We are excited to work together to provide world-class customer service to our clients.”

Said Amr Esmat, CEO & Managing Director of WAVZ

Egypt Trust – An Overview

Egyptian Company for Digital Signature and Information Security – Egypt Trust is an Egyptian company established in 2005 presenting its services to the Egyptian Market according to government plans for digital transformation. Egypt Trust is a Governmental-Certified Digital Certificate Authority that issues digital certificates for both individuals and corporations.

About Wavz

WAVZ is a multi-technology and cross-vendor service provider focused on using highly skilled business and technical expertise to serve the ever-demanding Egyptian and regional public and private sectors. WAVZ offers various IT services across various disciplines. WAVZ services/solutions are mostly custom made to superbly match our client’s business needs on time and budget. WAVZ is a partner to multiple blue chip technology firms including but not limited to SAP, Oracle and Temenos.

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