Smart Post Offices

Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) are changing the way that financial institutions operate for the better. Using an ITM provides more efficiency along with improved customer service while saving money and space.

Smart post offices (SPOs) are taking the traditional physical outlets to higher levels by integrating the latest fully automated e-Payment channels, i.e. Teller Machines (ATM/ ITMs), in addition to different technologies to improve customers’ satisfaction as well as the following features:
  • Branch transformation-assisted services
  • Consumer experience self-service with a rich, graphical interface
  • Enterprise awareness & cash management
  • Increasing security and compliance in addition to avoiding fraud
Customers are drawn to institutions and other innovative businesses. Institutions that implement ITMs early on will have a significant competitive advantage over competitors that do not innovate as quickly.
Early adopters will be able to facilitate timely transactions and offer what today’s customer is looking for "Convenience".
For the right financial institution, ITMs save money, improve efficiency, and help the post offices exceed the expectations of the customer. ITMs can also attract new customers and encourage innovation.
For a post office with customers that prioritize efficiency and a flawless experience with the teller, an ITM can help attract new business. ITMs are an excellent tool for cutting-edge businesses.

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