Contact Center & IVR Support

Contact centers and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) are a business necessity nowadays. They are the front line support for your customers; and with well-built call centers, you can maintain customer satisfaction at its highest levels.

What WAVZ Do ?
WAVZ provides complete contact center solutions and IVR support integrating with almost every CRM / ERP on the business to improve productivity and increase customer satisfaction. WAVZ call center solutions and IVR support are:
  • Provide optimal self-service on voice and other digital channels
  • Leverage readiness for optimal operation in case of disaster at the main site
  • Enable agility for support changes and ticket fix for CC platform
  • Enhance monitoring and evaluation of Customer Experience Measurements to boost customer loyalty
  • Reduce the cost of operations
  • Improve efficiency and customer satisfaction using NPS monitoring to be able to detect where customers have problems and boost CX further
  • Optimize the support model adopting on-site engineers to minimize efforts and time wasted handling daily operational change requests and tickets in Contact Center issues
  • Offer easier means for dynamic IVR Prompts using cloud offline TTS that decreases time and resources used in case of human voice generation of changing prompts

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