WAVZ Acquisition Services

WAVZ offers a wide range of Acquisition & Support Services that enables different business bodies and public sector agencies to concentrate on their core missions. WAVZ has a proven track record in contracting and acquisition, and a dedicated, well-trained team.

What WAVZ can do?
WAVZ experts will support you to analyze the business challenge and suggest the needed hardware. We will provide a fully detailed list of specs for the best-in-class hardware and recommend the best combination. Then we will introduce you to the Proactive Care Service.
Our Proactive Care Service can help you to improve the return on your investment in a converged infrastructure with features designed to help provide:
  • Faster resolution from especially trained, solution-oriented and advanced resources who manage the incident from start to finish
  • Recommendations for firmware version and software patching on supported products to help prevent problems
  • Identification of risks and issues through regular device-based proactive scans that help ensure that configurations are consistent with international brands best practices
  • Access to a remote our Technical Account Manager who can provide advice and guidance on issues, risks, and recommendations identified by Remote Support Technology

Are you thinking of a project?

Write to us, and let’s figure out the optimum solution.