Outsourcing Services

We provide full-range digital services, tackling the most known business problems in light of the steps our client has taken in the digital world. We might start from the very beginning, add a cherry on top, at any phase in between.

What can WAVZ Do ?
WAVZ offers affordable and scalable plans for enterprise software administration, support, consulting, and development. Your in-house staff can focus on the core business activities, while WAVZ experts efficiently handle the activities of the following domains:

The domains WAVZ works in:

  • Technology Management
  • Application Management
  • End-User Support
  • Data Center Operation
  • Card Center Operation
  • Customer Services Operation
  • Geographic Information System Operation
  • Business Operation
  • WAVZ outsourcing services support financial, administrative, and technical employment, We provide calibers with multiple experiences in line with our clients’ financial and technical requirements, The core value of outsourcing is reducing costs while keeping the business performance at its best.
  • WAVZ is committed to finding the highest calibers and signing them according to the rational pay scheme in Egypt and abroad at the time of requesting the services, With an eye on the welfare of all parties, not only do we hunt the best talents, but we also guarantee their satisfaction. We do whatever it takes to ease their jobs in the entities or projects they work for.
  • We provide outsourcing services for many sectors that are not limited to data centers (basic and backup), card and electronic payments centers, card encoding, processing and issuance centers, technical support centers, customer service centers, training centers, network control and control centers, and information security centers.

Are you thinking of a project?

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