Digital Consultancy Services

Building on years of experience in the digital field, we collaborate seamlessly to integrate the skill-sets of our consultants, business analysts, system architects, and developers to comprehend your business challenges. Because we bring the best combination of highly skilled professionals to direct your digital transformation, we could play a vital role in some of the major technological transformations Egypt has witnessed recently. We align our vision with the national vision Egypt 2030. We dedicate our efforts to fulfilling our multifaceted mission: thriving technologically on the one hand and providing the country with the technical advancements it deserves on the other.

What can WAVZ Do ?

WAVZ expertise can support its customers by delivering consultancy services in the following domains:

  • Develop the Digital Transformation Roadmap
  • Conduct Business Process Reengineering
  • Design Solution Architecture
  • Perform Scoping and bidding

WAVZ provides the consultative services that its clients need for the development and improvement of their institutional capabilities (technical, administrative, and operational) so as to empower them to keep pace with the evolution and expansions in the fields of financial services, service provision, as well as governmental and postal services. We study and identify our clients’ needs and serve them in a wide array of branches, including but not limited to, technical consultancy, project management, administrative consultancy, financial activities, business continuity services, disaster control, and governance services. We build systems for future projects and develop and evaluate documents for the various calls for proposals.

WAVZ provides its consultative services according to the defined scope of work. As for the timeline & the budget, we determine them following the prices announced by WAVZ at the time of signing the contract based on WAVZ price schema.

Are you thinking of a project?

Write to us, and let’s figure out the optimum solution.